Dental Jokes -II

A woman and her husband interrupted their vacation to go to the dentist. “I want a tooth pulled, and I don’t want Novacaine because I’m in a big hurry,” the woman said. “Just extract the tooth as quickly as possible, and we’ll be on our way.” The dentist was quite impressed. “You’re certainly a courageous woman,” he said. “Which tooth is it?” The woman turned to her husband and said, “Show him your tooth, dear.”

A woman goes to the dentist. When he bows to begin to work, she grabs his balls. The dentist says,
“Madam, I believe you have taken my private zone.”
The woman answers, “Yes. We’re going to be careful not to hurt each other, aren’t we.”

Dentists are incapable of asking questions that require a simple yes or no answer.

Did you hear about the dentist who planted a garden?…
A month later he was picking his teeth

What does the dentist of the year get?…A little plaque

What game did the dentist play when she was a child?…Caps and robbers

What does a dentist do on a roller coaster?…He braces himself

What did the dentist see at the North Pole?…A molar bear

What was the dentist doing in Panama?…Looking for the Root Canal

Where does the dentist get his gas?…At the filling station

Why didn’t the dentist ask his secretary out?…He was already taking out a tooth

What did the dentist say to the computer?…This won’t hurt a byte

Mother: Has your tooth stopped hurting yet?…Son: I don’t know. The dentist kept it

What did the tooth say to the departing dentist?…Fill me in when you get back

Anyone know the six most frightening words in the world ??? “The Dentist will see you now.”

“Open wider.” requested the dentist, as he began his examination of the patient. “Good God !” he said startled. “You’ve got the biggest cavity I’ve ever seen – the biggest cavity I’ve ever seen.” “OK Doc !” replied the patient. “I’m scared enough without you saying something like that twice.” “I didn’t !” said the dentist. “That was the echo.”

While I was waiting to see the dentist, a woman came out of his inner office smiling. Nodding to me, she said, “Thank goodness my work is completed. I’m so glad to have found a painless dentist and one who’s so gentle and understanding too.” When seated in the dentist chair, I related the incident to the doctor. He laughed and explained, “Oh, that was just my Mother.”

“I came in to make an appointment with the dentist.” said the man to the receptionist.” “I’m sorry sir.” she replied. “He’s out right now, but…” “Thank you.” interrupted the obviously nervous prospective patient. “When will he be out again ?”


( I ) In the above section, you have seen the fictional lighter side of Dentistry.
In SECTION IIA & SECTION IIB , we expose you to the bizarre factual side of dentistry – what some folks have actually got done to their teeth & surrounding structures.
( II )More jokes….DENTAL – JOKES I