At Dr.Khosla’s Dental Centre, we want our patients to understand dentistry.

We have prepared these dental pages for them to learn more about this fascinating art ‘n’ science. The more they know, the better the decisions they can make about what they want out of dentistry and the better we can help them have a life time of smiles and happiness. We believe in “full care” dentistry. This means that we will recommend whatever is needed to bring them to an optimum state of oral health and to prevent any future problems. This type of dental care is the same as what we would recommend if they were members of our immediate family. We offer complete preventive, restorative and cosmetic services including implants, bonding, tooth whitening, tooth-coloured fillings, sealants as well as periodontal(gum) & endodontic (root canal) therapies. Our specialist doctors are skilled in providing orthodontic(correction of crooked teeth) and all types of maxillo-facial and oral surgery. In this office, we attempt to render a health service. We do not sell gold, silver or teeth, and when we quote a fee, it is not for the materials we use but for the service we render. We do not guarantee anything except that we will do our best to give a health service. We are dealing with living tissues and cannot honestly guarantee that a filled tooth will not decay again nor that the soft tissues of the mouth will not shrink under a denture anymore than your physician can honestly guarantee that you will not catch another cold after he has helped you get rid of one. How well work done in the mouth holds up depends on several things, some of the most important being your general health, which your physician can help you maintain; periodic checkup, prophylaxis and repair in your mouth; your diet, habits and home care of the mouth for which you are responsible. The old paradigm of calling your physician after you have had a nervous breakdown or going to your dentist when you have a toothache is not unsound, but the thing we stress in health service today is prevention, not cure. It is much wiser, healthier and more economical to keep the body well than to try to cure it after it is sick and that is true of teeth, heart, kidneys, joints or any other parts of our bodies. There is no cure as good as prevention!”