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India's potential in healthcare tourism high: Study

23 February 2008

New Delhi (PTI): India has the potential of becoming an ideal healthcare destination, a study conducted by Exim Bank on healthcare tourism said.

India has generated an estimated revenue of around US$ 600 million from over five lakh international healthcare travellers including non-resident that visited India in 2006, the study revealed.

The study also said, the promotion of healthcare tourism would result in development of associated sectors, such as medical equipment manufacturing, telemedicine, medical diagnostics, out-sourcing of hospital administration and insurance.

“India has many advantages in the healthcare sector, which includes, cost-effective healthcare solutions and availability of skilled healthcare professionals, which has the potential to make the country as attractive medical tourism destination,” Exim Bank said in a release.

The increasing popularity of India’s traditional wellness systems and rapid strides made in information technology is also an advantage for the country, it added.

The total market for healthcare tourism is estimated to be in the range of US$ 150 billion globally and India has less than one per cent share of it.

Source: The Hindu