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National Root Canal Appreciation Day is coming!

By Michael J. McCurdy – Editor

Mar 28, 2005, 11:48

( Madison, WI – March 16, 2005


Dentists nationwide are preparing to take a stand for the much-maligned root canal. “After years as the butt of the joke, it’s time to take the root canal out of the closet. We must hold it in high esteem for the millions of teeth it saves every year in America!” proclaims Chris Kammer, the Madison, Wisconsin dentist who is spearheading the effort.

Dr. Kammer has led the call to champion the root canal in an effort to reverse its negative image. So, he has officially declared the first-ever National Root Canal Appreciation Day. Designated Wednesday, May 11, 2005, this special day will be headquartered in Madison, WI.

At first glance, a Root Canal Appreciation Day may sound a bit peculiar, but it is designed with the admirable goal of reversing a common misconception behind a routine, comfortable dental procedure that saves 42 million teeth each year.

Dr. Kammer believes National Root Canal Appreciation Day will go a long way to educate the public about the ease and comfort of the root canal procedure – thanks to improved technology. In fact, he is so confident in the root canal that he will actually perform one on the home plate of his city’s baseball park. Kammer says that other dentists around the country will also be joining him in the effort to promote root canals with concurrent demonstrations at landmark outdoor locations in their hometowns.

National Root Canal Appreciation Day has been recognized by Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle, and Madison, Wisconsin Mayor, Dave Cieslewicz who have both signed proclamations supporting the health awareness day. The annual occurrence of the day will also be listed in Chase’s Calendar of Events, 2006 edition and will fall on the second Wednesday of every May.