Count your teeth to know risk of stroke

Dental News Count your teeth to know risk of stroke Saturday, December 14, 2002 Tooth loss and periodontal disease may increase the risk of ischemic stroke, which is caused due to a blockage in an artery leading to the brain. This is a most common type of stroke, according to a new study. Men who […]

Dentistry and Eating Disorders

Dental News Dentistry and Eating Disorders July 05,2000 The race is on to conquer eating disorders By Chris Smith Bulimia may be easy to hide from parents, friends or even physicians. But it’s something that dentists can detect fairly easily just by giving patients a regular dental exam. Patients with bulimia, a serious eating disorder, […]

The ‘T’ Factor In Indian Dentistry

Dental News Issue dtd. August 2006 The ‘T’ Factor In Indian Dentistry Foreigners are eyeing India as a new destination for dentistry, but dental tourism still has to pick up pace, says Jayata Sharma. Tourism and medicine have become synonymous in India. And the latest one to join the bandwagon is our line of talented dentists. […]

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry Everyone would like to have a perfect smile, but nature is rarely so accommodating. Even if you are one of the lucky ones who never needed braces, the rough-and-tumble of life, along with habits such as smoking or drinking coffee, invariably result in chips, stains, or an overall dingy appearance. Until recently, there […]


Dentures When a person has had all of their teeth removed we must make complete dentures for the person to wear. Dentures are an acceptable solution, but no match for our real teeth! Hence we always try to save natural teeth. When the teeth are removed we are left with a ridge of bone on […]


Emergencies We offer emergency services to our patients.  If you have a dental emergency, you may call our office or the residence or on the cellphone 9819363215. Dr.Khosla will try his best to contact you as soon as possible. Learn what to do in the event of injury to your mouth. It could save you a […]


Flossing Periodontal disease is one of the most prevalent degenerative conditions in India, afflicting adults beginning in their late 20’s. It is the disease that causes people to lose their teeth by slowly dissolving the supporting bone structure surrounding teeth. The most common symptoms of the disease are BAD BREATH and BLEEDING GUMS. Flossing is […]

Use of Tobacco & Dentistry

Use of Tobacco & Dentistry Chewing tobacco affects your dental health as well as the rest of your body. If you use smokeless tobacco and have thought about quitting, your dentist can help. In the meantime, here are a few facts that may help you decide to join the many who are tobacco-free. Chewing tobacco […]


Antibiotics & Dentistry   Many of you take an antibiotic prior to dental treatment. The purpose is to use an antibiotic prior to an infection to prevent an infection. It may be because of a mitral valve prolapse, certain types of implants, a joint replacement, or a heart murmur cause by a roughened heart valve. […]

Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism Dental Tourism Globalization has come to mean much more than just nations and people coming together to exchange views and ideas, technologies and expertise. The latest concept that has started taking shape in Medical / Dental Tourism. Medical / Dental Tourism can be broadly defined as provision of ‘cost effective’ private medical care […]