Count your teeth to know risk of stroke

Dental News Count your teeth to know risk of stroke Saturday, December 14, 2002 Tooth loss and periodontal disease may increase the risk of ischemic stroke, which is caused due to a blockage in an artery leading to the brain. This is a most common type of stroke, according to a new study. Men who […]

Be Aware of the Mouth/Body Connection

Dental News Be Aware of the Mouth/Body Connection and Help Keep Healthy in Every Way! 7/25/2001  COLUMBUS, Ohio, Jul 25, 2001 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — There’s a lot to smile about when maintaining good oral health — health professionals and research scientists are determining that you may be keeping the rest of your body healthier, too. […]

Multivitamin Formulated to Promote Oral Health

Dental News CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals Launches Multivitamin Formulated to Promote Oral Health Dentaplex(TM) Designed to Help Maintain Optimal Health of the Gums and Teeth NEWTOWN, Pa., June 19 ,2001/PRNewswire CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. today announced the availability of Dentaplex(TM), a professionally-recommended nutritional supplement specifically formulated to help maintain optimal oral health. The new supplement’s formulation is built on […]

Dry Mouth Syndrome Affects Dental Health

Dental News Dry Mouth Syndrome Affects Dental Health 6/11/2001  Is your mouth so dry you could drink gallons of water a day, and even that wouldn’t help? You may be one of the many who suffers from xerostomia, or dry mouth syndrome. Beyond discomfort, dry mouth is a serious condition that affects dental health and, […]

Dental specialists safeguard more than teeth

Dental News Dental specialists safeguard more than teeth 4/10/2001  April Is National Facial Protection Month Spring, sports, safety, teeth, face, and dentistry. This can only mean it is time again for “April Is National Facial Protection Month.” The month of April finds more and more people heading outside for exercise and sports. A potential side effect […]

Dental x-ray uncovers clogged artery

Dental News Dental x-ray uncovers clogged artery 12/19/2000  Findings on a wide-angle or panoramic dental radiograph (x-ray) uncovered a patient’s critically clogged neck arteries, prompting potentially life-saving treatment, according to a case study in the November 2000 issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA). “The patient described in our case report had no signs […]

Dentistry and Eating Disorders

Dental News Dentistry and Eating Disorders July 05,2000 The race is on to conquer eating disorders By Chris Smith Bulimia may be easy to hide from parents, friends or even physicians. But it’s something that dentists can detect fairly easily just by giving patients a regular dental exam. Patients with bulimia, a serious eating disorder, […]

Bad For The Mouth Is Bad For The Body

Dental News Bad For The Mouth Is Bad For The Body June 16, 2000 NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Gum disease is caused by a chronic bacterial infection and can lead to bone loss, damaged gum tissue and even tooth loss. Now, new research suggests that gum disease may also increase the risk of preterm […]

Misuse, Overuse and Underuse Antibiotics

Dental News Misuse, Overuse and Underuse Antibiotics Essentially Useless Against Many Diseases W A S H I N G T O N, June 12, 2000 Misuse, overuse and underuse of certain antibiotics has rendered them almost useless against certain diseases, the World Health Organization said today. We are literally in a race against time to […]

Prescriptions: Are You Dotting Your Ps?

Dental News When Writing Prescriptions, Are You Dotting Your Ps and Crossing Your Eyes? 5/8/2000 Dentists and physicians are notorious for bad handwriting. Reading some doctors’ prescription orders has been likened to deciphering hieroglyphics or interpreting the Rosetta Stone. But though society once made light of their indiscernible scratches and scrawls, doctors’ bad handwriting is […]

FDA Approves Ethyol To Reduce Radiation-Induced Dry Mouth

Dental News FDA Approves Ethyol To Reduce Radiation-Induced Dry Mouth WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, PA. and PALO ALTO, CA. — June 25, 1999 — U.S. Bioscience and ALZA Corporation announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of Ethyol® (amifostine) in an important radiation therapy setting. The approval expands the uses of the […]

Help stave off heart attacks… keep your teeth clean

Dental News Help stave off heart attacks… keep your teeth clean Jenny Hope Last updated at 2:39 AM on 11th September 2008 Keeping your teeth clean could save you from a heart attack, scientists say. Researchers have found that poor dental hygiene and bleeding gums could allow up to 700 different types of bacteria to […]

Despite Dentists’ Urging, Many Don’t Take Proper Care of Teeth

Dental News Despite Dentists’ Urging, Many Don’t Take Proper Care of Teeth Saturday, April 28, 2007; 12:00 AM HealthDay News — There’s limited evidence that so-called behavior management techniques help dentists convince patients to brush and floss their teeth properly. That’s the conclusion of British researchers who reviewed four previous studies that included a total of […]

Dentists Reveal Medicinal Properties of Miswak

Dental News Dentists Reveal Medicinal Properties of Miswak M. Ghazanfar Ali Khan, Arab News Staff RIYADH, 4 November 2003 — A panel of dentists at the King Saud University has revealed the medicinal properties of miswak or teeth cleaning sticks, suggesting that its beneficial effects for oral hygiene and dental health are equal to those of […]

Kiss Bad Breath Good-Bye

Dental News Kiss Bad Breath Good-Bye Is chronic bad breath turning you into a hermit? It’s all in your mouth — and proper hygiene can keep bad breath at bay. By  Leanna Skarnulis Reviewed By Brunilda  Nazario, MD on Monday, July 21, 2003 WebMD Feature Dentists can tell you horror stories about the terrible social and […]

To Keep Your Teeth, Brush And See The Dentist

Dental News To Keep Your Teeth, Brush And See The Dentist March 4, 2003 By Lisa Ellis InteliHealth News Service INTELIHEALTH — Patient to dentist: Do I really have to floss all my teeth? Dentist: No, only the ones you want to keep. It’s an old joke, but now researchers say they have demonstrated it’s also true: […]

Brushing teeth helps heart health

Dental News Brushing teeth helps heart health 9/30/2002 SAN DIEGO, Sep 28, 2002 (United Press International via COMTEX) — Brushing and flossing may do more than give you a bright smile, it may also help prevent heart disease, microbiology experts said Saturday. Caroline Genco of Boston University’s medical school said infecting mice with the microbe that […]

Cleaning Teeth Prevents Pneumonia in Nursing Homes

Dental News Cleaning Teeth Prevents Pneumonia in Nursing Homes Fri Apr 12,2002 5:26 PM ET By Alison McCook NEW YORK (Reuter Health) – Regular cleanings of teeth and gums may help prevent pneumonia in nursing home residents, new research suggests. The results are based on comparing pneumonia rates between residents of 11 nursing homes in […]

Brushing, Flossing Stave Off Diabetes

Dental News Brushing, Flossing Stave Off Diabetes March 8, 2002 — By Deena Beasley LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Whiter teeth and fresher breath are not the only benefits of good oral hygiene, brushing and flossing may also help stave off diabetes, according to studies released on Friday. Gum disease may even be more important than obesity […]

Bristlemania It’s here!

Dental News Bristlemania It’s here! Linda Matchan Boston Globe Jan. 10, 2002 19:01:03 Pity the poor toothbrush. Caked in plaque, soaked with spit: Could there possibly be a less sexy, more prosaic article in the home, except for maybe the toilet plunger? Who would have predicted that the toothbrush, used in one of life’s most […]

Gummy vitamins, rotten teeth?

Dental News Gummy vitamins, rotten teeth? Updated Sep 24, 2007 By Mary Brophy Marcus, Special for USA TODAY By Leslie Smith, USA TODAY Gummy-style vitamins can stick to teeth. Gummy-style vitamins are helping kids munch down their daily supplements without a grimace, but some pediatric dentists worry that the candy look-alikes and taste-alikes could be harmful […]

Bottled Water Can Be Bad News For Kids’ Teeth

Dental News Bottled Water Can Be Bad News For Kids’ Teeth July 21, 2004 By Nancy Volkers InteliHealth News Service The popularity of bottled water may be bad news for kids’ teeth. Australian researchers found that children who drank bottled water and other unfluoridated water had an increased risk of decay in their baby (primary) […]

Teething Mistakenly Blamed for Other Ills

Dental News Teething Mistakenly Blamed for Other Ills Fri Oct 11,2002 10:45 AM ET NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Despite research showing the contrary, many healthcare providers still attribute many baby ills to teething, Australian researchers report. Dr. Melissa Wake and Kylie Hesketh of Royal Children’s Hospital in Australia write that recent reports have demonstrated teething […]

Child Health Professionals Still Believe In “Teething”

Dental News Child Health Professionals Still Believe In “Teething” October 11, 2002 (British Medical Journal) – Health professionals still attribute many major ills to infant teething, despite good evidence that teething is associated with, at most, minor and relatively infrequent symptoms, finds a study in this week’s BMJ. These beliefs may even lead to late diagnosis […]

Tooth Decay In Baby Teeth Affects Permanent Teeth, Too

Dental News Tooth Decay In Baby Teeth Affects Permanent Teeth, Too March 25, 2002 By Nancy Volkers InteliHealth News Service A study in China has found that decay in a baby tooth (or primary tooth) is a risk factor for defects in the enamel of the permanent tooth that replaces it. The study took place […]

Thumbsucking After Age 2 Can Harm Teeth

Dental News Thumbsucking After Age 2 Can Harm Teeth December 18, 2001 By Nancy Volkers InteliHealth News Service Many children suck their thumbs. Some even start in the womb. Now a recent study suggests that children who suck their thumbs or a pacifier after age 2 may be affecting their teeth and jaws. Researchers at […]


Endodontics THE TOOTH & IT’S SURROUNDING TISSUES CROWN- this is the part of the tooth you can see above the gumline. ROOT – this part of the tooth sits in the bone below the gum. The root of your tooth is usually twice as long as the crown, the part you see above the gumline. […]

Dental Implants

Dental Implants What are dental implants? Dental implants are fixtures of titanium which are surgically screwed into your jawbone. The implant is an anchor for a naturally appearing false tooth or a set of false teeth. The success rate of dental implants depends on where the implants are placed and their purpose. They are typically […]


The NTI-TSS System The N.T.I. Tension Suppression System is a prefabricated poly carbonate matrix that a dentist fit to you. It is completely different from any other type of mouthpiece. The NTI is a small, nearly invisible plastic device that you wear over your front teeth while you sleep. In one short visit we can […]

Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer Cancer is an abnormal disorganized growth of cells in the tissues of a person. Cancer cells keep on multiplying without paying heed to the body’s command to stop. This abnormal  growth of cells destroys the normal structure and the function of the affected tissue and the body in general. Any cancerous growth occurring […]


Bruxism Statistics show that about one out of four dental patients have one of the oldest maladies known to man – bruxism or clenching.Bruxism is the technical term for grinding of the teeth that soon removes critical portions of healthy enamel from the chewing surfaces of the teeth and may cause facial pain.Clenching is a […]


Dental Veneers (Laminates) Ceramic laminate veneers are all white, thin ceramic shells, which fit precisely onto the faces of prepared anterior teeth. Like bonding, veneers are used to cover up discoloration, cracks and chipping, and to change the shape or size of your teeth. Veneers outperform bonding with greater resilience and a greater resistance to […]


Bleaching It is said that the face is the mirror of the human mind. A beautiful face achieves results or good first impressions easily while the opposite provides an uphill struggle. Not surprisingly, our teeth draw in a great deal of attention and are a significant factor in judging attractiveness, so a clean, white smile […]


Bonding Bonding is a restorative procedure performed to repair a damaged tooth that is either worn, chipped, decayed or discolored. After removing the damaged area, we “bond” or attach a tooth-colored material called composite resin onto the tooth. Bonding is also an effective way to close a small space or gap between two teeth. The […]

Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry Everyone would like to have a perfect smile, but nature is rarely so accommodating. Even if you are one of the lucky ones who never needed braces, the rough-and-tumble of life, along with habits such as smoking or drinking coffee, invariably result in chips, stains, or an overall dingy appearance. Until recently, there […]

Gum Disease

Gum Disease Did you know that more than 75% of all adults in India have gum disease? -Many people have gum disease and are not even aware they have this problem. Did you know that gum disease is the #1 reason adults lose their teeth. -Gum disease is a “silent” disease-until your teeth become loose […]

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last teeth to develop and appear in the mouth. They are called “wisdom teeth” because they usually appear during a person’s late teens or early twenties, which has been called the “age of wisdom” The normal position of wisdom teeth is behind the upper and lower […]

Crowns & Bridges

Crowns & Bridges A crown is a restoration that covers, or “caps,” a tooth to restore it to its normal shape and size, strengthening and improving the appearance of a tooth. Prosthetic crowns are made of metal, porcelain fused to metal substrates, or new all-white restorative materials. Crowns are necessary when a tooth is generally […]


Emergencies We offer emergency services to our patients.  If you have a dental emergency, you may call our office or the residence or on the cellphone 9819363215. Dr.Khosla will try his best to contact you as soon as possible. Learn what to do in the event of injury to your mouth. It could save you a […]


Flossing Periodontal disease is one of the most prevalent degenerative conditions in India, afflicting adults beginning in their late 20’s. It is the disease that causes people to lose their teeth by slowly dissolving the supporting bone structure surrounding teeth. The most common symptoms of the disease are BAD BREATH and BLEEDING GUMS. Flossing is […]

Use of Tobacco & Dentistry

Use of Tobacco & Dentistry Chewing tobacco affects your dental health as well as the rest of your body. If you use smokeless tobacco and have thought about quitting, your dentist can help. In the meantime, here are a few facts that may help you decide to join the many who are tobacco-free. Chewing tobacco […]


Toothpastes First and foremost, a toothpaste and a correct brushing action work to remove plaque, a sticky, harmful film of bacteria that grows on your teeth that causes caries, gum disease, and eventual tooth loss if not controlled. Second, the toothpaste contains fluoride, which makes the entire tooth structure more resistant to decay and promotes […]

Dental X-Rays

Dental X-Rays Term X-ray is actually referring to the radiation that is used to make the image on the film. The radiograph or picture on the film is the resultant picture that we see. A radiograph is an extremely important diagnostic tool. These pictures show the dental professional many things that are not visible by […]

Baby Teeth

Baby Teeth Usually the first baby teeth to come into the mouth are the two bottom front teeth. They begin to appear when your child is about 6 to 8 months old. They are followed by the 4 upper front teeth.The remainder of your baby’s teeth will appearperiodically, usually in pairs on each side of […]


Brushing BRUSHING TECHNIQUE – MANUAL TOOTHBRUSHES   The following BRUSHING TECHNIQUE is commonly recommended by dentists. You should see your dentist to ensure that you are using a technique that meets your needs.Use a soft bristled brush (synthetic bristles preferably because natural bristles tend to harbour the oral bacteria as the bristles are more porous). […]

Caries (Decay)

Caries (Decay) Tooth decay is the disease known as caries or cavities. Unlike other diseases, however, caries is not life threatening and is highly preventable, though it affects most people to some degree during their lifetime. Tooth decay occurs when your teeth are frequently exposed to foods containing carbohydrates (starches and sugars) like chocolates, sticky […]


Antibiotics & Dentistry   Many of you take an antibiotic prior to dental treatment. The purpose is to use an antibiotic prior to an infection to prevent an infection. It may be because of a mitral valve prolapse, certain types of implants, a joint replacement, or a heart murmur cause by a roughened heart valve. […]

Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism Dental Tourism Globalization has come to mean much more than just nations and people coming together to exchange views and ideas, technologies and expertise. The latest concept that has started taking shape in Medical / Dental Tourism. Medical / Dental Tourism can be broadly defined as provision of ‘cost effective’ private medical care […]