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Unique Breakthrough Gets Denture-Wearers Smiling


In January 2005, researchers performed laser scans on a set of George Washington’s dentures at the National Museum of Dentistry and discovered that his famous false teeth were not made of wood as commonly believed. A forensic anthropologist says Washington’s dentures were made from gold, ivory, lead and animal teeth. The dentures had springs to help them open and bolts to hold them together.

Today, dentures are made of acrylic, fiberglass, metal, or a combination of these materials and many people use denture adhesive to keep those choppers in their mouth.

For the millions who wear dentures, adhesives help fill the space between the denture and the gums. It makes the wearer feel more secure, even with well-fitting dentures, and it permits them to easily open their mouths wider for more confident chewing, rather than eating in fear of their dentures coming loose. Denture adhesive improves suction and creates a sticky contact between a denture and the gums. It also helps keep food from collecting under the denture base.

Ah, but here’s the rub; cleaning off that adhesive is a messy job. Dentists say your dentures and mouth should be cleaned of all adhesives at least once a day, and the denture should be left out of a cleaned, rinsed mouth for at least an hour a day. Some dentists suggest soap and water, others say vinegar will help. But who wants soap and water or vinegar in their mouth?

That’s why the Majestic Drug Company, a 55-year old company based in South Fallsburg, NY, has developed a patent-pending product called D.O.C. Denture Wipes. Company spokesman Larry Fishman says, “DOC Denture Wipes are a new, unique, miracle fabric that attracts denture adhesive like a magnet. No scrubbing. No brushing. No mess. Just wipe & wear. There is nothing else like it on the market.”

Sixty-nine-year old Jerry Payne of Las Vegas points out, “Paper towels or tissues tend to rip and shred. Brushing is inconvenient for me since I work in the Aladdin casino. A washcloth or towel has to be cleaned after you remove the adhesive. But these Denture Wipes don’t shred or rip. They clean away the adhesive from my dentures and gums easily and quickly without any mess, and then I just throw them away.”

A package of D.O.C. Dental Wipes contains 40 sheets and can be purchased at drug stores. Now that’s truly something to smile about.

SOURCE: Majestic Drug Company