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SquirtBrush - An Unique Interdental Brush


The newly patented design of the SquirtBrush allows liquid oral rinse to flow from a squeezable bottle in the handle to the interdental brush tip. This brush is designed by a dentist to assist dental patients in the maintenance of difficult areas, such as, around dental implants, bridge abutments, orthodontic brackets, and interproximal spaces. This brush allows site specific application of different medicated rinse while brushing. There are three versions of the SquirtBrush®. SquirtBrush® – Refillable (R) allows the users the flexibility of filling the bottle with any oral rinse agents as suggested by their dental professionals. SquirtBrush® – Professional (P) comes attached to a standard luer-lock syringe for use by the dental professionals in chair-side applications. SquirtBrush® – Disposable (D) comes pre-filled and unit-dosed with specific oral rinse for the ease and convenience of the users. It allows a wide variety of one time application, such as, for travels, for patients in home care setting, and for those patients who may have difficulty in managing the refillable version. This version can be pre-filled with different oral rinse products. SquirtBrush® also comes with different shaped replacement brush tips (cylindrical or tapered). For more information, please contact Case Dental and Medical Supply Inc., at 909-598-0958, or visit or .