Bad Gums, Bad Heart Link Questioned

Dental News Bad Gums, Bad Heart Link Questioned By LINDSEY TANNER, AP Medical Writer CHICAGO (AP) – Floss-haters, take heart. A new study rebuts evidence suggesting that gum disease may lead to heart trouble. That doesn’t mean gums shouldn’t be attended to by floss and brush. But the results question theories stemming from a growing […]

Take your breath away

Dental News Take your breath away By Mitali Parekh Posted On Wednesday, January 14, 2009 at 02:23:52 AM Bad breath is less embarrassingly known as the medical condition halitosis. Besides being a result of obvious habits such smoking and a fondness for garlic, it could also be indicative of diseases. Dr Shantanu Jaradi of Dentzz […]

Forget the Breath Mints, Eat Yogurt Instead

Dental News Forget the Breath Mints, Eat Yogurt Instead Tue Mar 15, 2005 – 2:15 PM ET By Charnicia E. Huggins NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – New study findings suggest that yogurt may be another weapon in the battle against bad breath. “Yogurt intake may improve oral hygiene, namely tongue-coating bacteria and halitosis,” study author […]

Kiss Bad Breath Good-Bye

Dental News Kiss Bad Breath Good-Bye Is chronic bad breath turning you into a hermit? It’s all in your mouth — and proper hygiene can keep bad breath at bay. By  Leanna Skarnulis Reviewed By Brunilda  Nazario, MD on Monday, July 21, 2003 WebMD Feature Dentists can tell you horror stories about the terrible social and […]

Parasites May Be Cause of Child’s Bad Breath

Dental News Parasites May Be Cause of Child’s Bad Breath Thu Oct 24,2002 5:31 PM ET NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Scientists in Turkey say that parasites should be considered as a possible cause of bad breath in children. According to the report, the researchers decided to investigate the relationship between parasites and bad breath when […]

Bad Breath (Halitosis)

Bad Breath (Halitosis) More than 90 million people suffer from chronic halitosis or bad breath. In most cases it originates from the gums and tongue. The odor is caused by bacteria from the decay of food particles, other debris in your mouth, and poor oral hygiene. The decay and debris produce a sulfur compound that […]